ATEX Drum Lift




  • Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Construction
  • Food/Pharmaceutical Industry Specification
  • Standard and Custom Design Machines
  • Fully TIG/MIG Welded Construction
  • Bespoke Handling Systems & Solutions
  • Lift Heights – No Maximum
  • Lifting Capacity - No Maximum
  • Chain or Screw Driven, Hydraulic or Pneumatic
  • Fully Enclosed Safety Guard Option
  • Fully Load Tested and UKCA or CE Certified
  • LOLER Inspection and After Sales Service Available
  • Direct from a British Manufacturer

SPL/250/4640/90º/B/G ATEX Drum Lift

This ATEX Drum Lift is designed to lift a 200 Kgs Drum to a height of approximately 4640mm. The ATEX Drum Lift was constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel with a DP240 Grit brushed finish. The lift would be bolted to the floor and would be braced above the ATEX Drum Lift to a substantial structure such as a mezzanine floor. The Drum was loaded into the lift carriage and clamped appropriately at the ground floor. Once secured, the drum was lifted and lowered using a ball screw and motor gearbox mounted at the top of the lift.

The electrical motor gearbox was fitted with a quick acting brake that is separately excited and powered to release. The ball screw was a 50mm diameter x 20mm pitch rolled ball screw with an appropriate lifting nut. There was a second motor gearbox that rotated the ATEX Drum Lift at the full up position, 90 degrees clockwise, to allow the Operator at the upper level to align the drum and interface with the receiving vessel. The drum was Ø457mm, with a height of 262mm and was manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel with the contents at atmospheric pressure.

Electrical Installation & Control

The ATEX Drum Lift was fitted with an EEx d / IP55 control panel which housed all of the terminations and components for the electrical control of the ATEX Drum Lift. There was an HMI mounted at a convenient position in a separate enclosure to the main control panel. Included were the following ATEX Certified drives and limit switches which were mounted on the lift and operated through intrinsically safe barriers:-

  • Lift Motor Gearbox
  • Slew Motor Gearbox
  • Upper Limit Switches
  • Lower Limit Switches
  • Slew End of Travel Limit Switches

All electrical cables were run within the main lift column and entered the column via a glanded cable entry. The control panel was mounted on the ATEX Drum Lift guarding with a remote push button station at the upper level to allow the Operator to send the ATEX Drum Lift back to the ground floor when necessary. Both control panel and remote push button station were suitable for the proposed ATEX environment.

ATEX Classification

The ATEX Zone where this equipment operated was a Zone 1 atmosphere. This means that the explosive gas or vapour will be occasionally present under normal circumstances. The vapour is classified for an Apparatus Group IIA & IIB. The temperature classification was T4 for this application.

Description ATEX Drum Lift
Model No. SPL/250/4640/90º/B/G
Capacity 250 Kgs
Lift Ball Screw 50mm Diameter x 20mm Pitch
Lift Height 4640mm
Overall Height 5145mm
Machine Handing Left Hand
Maximum Headroom 6000mm
Slew Angle 90 Degrees Clockwise
Container Description Stainless Steel Drum
Base Arrangement Bolted To The Floor
Control Circuit 24Vac
Electrical Rating IP65
Limit Switches Telemecanique
Motor/Gearbox Detail ATEX ZONE 1 1.1kW. 3 PHASE, 50 CYCLE, 415V
Motor Brake 415V Separately Excited, DC Separately Excited
Slew Motor Detail ATEX ZONE 1 0.55kW, 3 PHASE, 50 CYCLE, 415V
Application Story

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