Pneumatic Bin Washer




  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction
  • Food/Pharmaceutical Industry Specification
  • Standard and Custom Design Machines
  • Fully TIG/MIG Welded Construction
  • Lifts for Bins, Drums, Dolafs, Palletainers etc
  • Tip Heights up to 1500mm
  • Lifting Capacity - No Maximum
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Cylinders Complete with Hose Burst Fuses
  • Fully Enclosed Safety Guard Option
  • Fully Load Tested and CE Certified
  • LOLER Inspection and After Sales Service Available
  • Direct from a British Manufacturer

BTP/200/1000/B Pneumatic Bin Washer

This Pneumatic Bin Washer is designed to lift and tip your Stainless Steel Bins so that the edge of the bin in the tipped position is 1000mm off the floor and the bin is tipped 10 degrees past the horizontal. This will allow both the inside and the outside of the bin to be pressure washed. The Pneumatic Bin Washer is constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel, is a fully TIG welded construction throughout and would be bolted to the floor. This pneumatic bin washer would be powered pneumatically and the bin would be tipped over by a pair of pneumatic cylinders to an angle of 10 degrees past the horizontal.

Pneumatic Bin Washer Control

This Pneumatic Bin Washer is fitted with an IP65 Stainless Steel Control Panel which is mounted on the main frame. The unguarded Pneumatic Bin Washer has ‘dead man’s handle’ control such that the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ pushbuttons must be held for the pneumatic bin washer to operate. As soon as the button is released, the Pneumatic Bin Washer will stop.

Description Pneumatic Bin Washer
Model No. BTP/200/1000/B
Lifting Capacity 200Kgs
Tipping Height 1000mm
Tipping Angle 100 Degrees
Machine Handing Right Hand
Container Description Stainless Steel Dolaf Bin
Base Arrangement Bolted To The Floor
Application Story

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