Hygienic Screw Hoist




  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction
  • Food/Pharmaceutical Industry Specification
  • Standard and Custom Design Machines
  • Fully TIG/MIG Welded Construction
  • Bespoke Handling Systems & Solutions
  • Lift Heights – No Maximum
  • Lifting Capacity - No Maximum
  • Chain or Screw Driven, Hydraulic or Pneumatic
  • Fully Enclosed Safety Guard Option
  • Fully Load Tested and UKCA or CE Certified
  • LOLER Inspection and After Sales Service Available
  • Direct from a British Manufacturer

BLM/250/2448/B Hygienic Screw Hoist

This Hygienic Screw Hoist was designed to lift a liquid tank to a maximum height of 2448mm above the floor and had a Safe Working Load of 250 Kgs. There was also an intermediate position where the tank stopped to enable the Operator to attach a discharge hose during the travel up and disconnect the hose during the travel down. The Hygienic Screw Hoist is manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel, is a welded construction throughout and is designed to be bolted to the floor. The lifting is achieved by a 32mm x 20mm pitch ball screw driven by a motor gearbox mounted at the top of the main column. The Hygienic Screw Hoist incorporated a load arrestor mechanism, which prevented a load from falling to the floor in the extremely unlikely event of the ball screw failing.

Hygienic Screw Hoist Electrical Control

This Hygienic Screw Hoist was not fitted with a Control Panel, this was supplied by others. All devices on the Hygienic Screw Hoist were wired to a terminal Enclosure for connection to the main control system.

The following components were wired back to the Terminal Box:-

  • 1 off Motor Gearbox & Brake
  • 2 off Full Up or Discharge Position Proximity Switches
  • 1 off Intermediate Proximity Switch
  • 2 off Full Down Proximity Switches

Mettler Toledo Load Cell

The Hygienic Screw Hoist was fitted with a Mettler Toledo Load Cell SSH-1t 2.5m and a Precision Junction Box. The Load Cell was connected via a summation card to the main control system to allow the detected weight to be displayed. The Load Cell cable was carried in an energy chain.

Description Hygienic Screw Hoist
Model No. BLM/250/2448/B
Capacity 250 Kgs
Liquid Tank Lowered 516mm
Liquid Tank Raised 2448mm
Overall Height 3154mm
Machine Handing Right Hand
Maximum Headroom 3400mm
Container Description Liquid Tank
Base Arrangement Base Plate Bolted To The Floor
Control Circuit 24Vdc
Electrical Rating IP65
Limit Switches Proximity Sensors
Motor Detail 1.1kW, 415V, 3 PHASE, 50 CYCLE c/w BRAKE
Gearbox Detail SEW Eurodrive
Lift Ball Screw 32mm Diameter x 10mm Pitch
Lift Speed 4.0 Meters/Minute
Lift & Safety Nut 32mm x 20mm Pitch
Application Story

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