Stainless Steel Butter Block Cutter


  • Stainless Steel Hygienic Construction
  • Food Industry Specification
  • Safe Dual Pushbutton Pneumatic Operation
  • Easily Dismantled for Cleaning
  • Choice of Cutting Grid / Block Size
  • Direct from a British Manufacturer
  • Fully Load Tested and UKCA or CE Certified
  • LOLER Inspection and After Sales Service Available

Stainless Steel Butter Block Cutter

This Butter Block Cutter was designed to cut tempered blocks of butter into 75 x 75mm segments. To cut the butter into blocks, they would need to be turned through 90 degrees and placed back onto the cutting frame for the second cut. The Butter Block Cutter is manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel throughout and the cutting operation is via a guided pneumatic cylinder and pusher plate. When the cylinder extends it pressing the butter through the cutting blades and into a tote bin placed underneath.

The Butter Block Cutter is enclosed in a stainless sheet metal design on both sides and the back with the front open to allow the butter blocks to be loaded and unloaded. Control of the cutting operation is via dual pneumatic push button control mounted either side of the opening at the front. The cut and retract operations are on a hold to run principle with separate dual push buttons for each operation i.e. one pair to cut and another pair to retract.

All parts of the Butter Block Cutter and components such as the butter pushing block and the cross blade cutting frame will be easily removable for cleaning purposes. The whole Butter Block Cutter is mounted on stainless steel rubber based adjustable feet which can be used to level the machine once in position.


Butter Block Cutter Application Story

This Butter Block Cutter was required to help prevent damage to the mixing blades in an industrial mixer caused when complete blocks of butter were loaded. The complete block was heavy enough to bend and break the mixer blades when it was dropped into the mixer. By cutting the butter into 75 x 75mm segments no further damage was caused. In addition, when the butter blocks were cut into segments, they melted more quickly in the process and thereby reduced the cycle time for the preparation of mash potato.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of temperatures that the cutter will accept?

Basically the colder the block of butter, the longer it will take to cut and if it is still frozen, it will not cut until it has thawed somewhat. We cannot be specific about how long this might take because there are too many variables involved, such as the starting temperature of the block, the block size, the ambient temperature etc. When a 400 x 300 x 300mm Butter Block has reached a temperature of over 5° Celsius, at its core, the block takes approximately 15 seconds to cut. It should be noted that if a frozen block is loaded to the machine, damage to the machine is possible

How many blocks per hour will the machine handle?

If it is assumed that we are using a similar block size at a similar temperature and estimate an unwrapping and loading time of 45 seconds, then the throughput would be around 60 blocks per hour.

What are the cut sizes achieved by the cutter?

The normal cutting frame aperture size is 75 x 75mm although this can be adjusted, at the time of manufacturer to suit specific requirements

What is the air consumption per cut?

Approximately 80 Litres/Minute

Description Butter Block Cutter
Block Size 400 x 300 x 300mm
Infeed Lift Height 800mm
Discharge Height Underside of Cutting Frame 760mm
Overall Height 2062mm
Overall Width 1235mm
Overall Depth 800mm
Discharge Container Standard 200 Litre Tote Bin
Base Arrangement Bolted To The Floor
Control Circuit Pneumatic
Application Story

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