York Container Tipper




  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction
  • Mail Industry Specification
  • Standard and Custom Design Machines
  • Fully TIG/MIG Welded Construction
  • Lifts for York Containers, Roll Cages or Pallet Boxes etc
  • Tip Heights and Lifting Capacity to suit
  • Fully Enclosed Safety Guard
  • Fully Load Tested and UKCA or CE Certified
  • LOLER Inspection and After Sales Service Available
  • Direct from a British Manufacturer

BTM/300/1000/B/G Mechanical York Container Tippers

This York Container Tipper was designed to lift and tip a York Container at a discharge height of 1000mm. The York Container Tipper is a fully welded stainless steel construction and is designed to be bolted to the floor. This York Container Tipper was powered via a Helical Bevel gearbox and tipped the York Container to an optimum tipping angle of 170 degrees. The York Container was wheeled into the lift frame and raised by rotation of the lifting carriage by the motor gearbox. As the York Container was tipped over to the full tip angle the mail and parcels are discharged onto the conveyor. The York Container was securely retained in the lift carriage in the fully tipped position.

Safety Guard to BS EN 14120:2015 Safety of Machinery Guards

The safety guard is constructed from 40 x 40 x 3mm box section and 3mm wire, 40mm aperture weld mesh to meet the guidelines of BS EN 14120:2015 Safety of Machinery Guards. It encloses the York Container Tipper to a height of 2200mm on two sides with a pair of interlocked hinged guard doors through which the York Container is loaded. The guard doors are electrically and mechanically interlocked to prevent the York Container Tipper from operating if either door is open. Additionally, the guard doors can only be opened when the lift carriage is at the full down position to prevent access whilst a load is raised. These York Container Tippers were mounted side by side and there was additional guarding at each side of the Infeed Conveyor.

York Container Tipper Electrical Control

The York Container Tipper is fitted with an IP65 Stainless Steel Control Panel which is mounted on the safety guard at a convenient position to give good maintenance access under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998 (PUWER). The Tipper Control will include an Inverter to allow for speed control and it uses a Rotary Position Sensor to stop at the full up and full down positions. It also uses Over Travel Proximity Sensors which are independent of the Rotary Sensor. We will issue a complete system Electrical Specification for approval during the Project Design phase.

The Control Panel is fitted with a HMI that also allows certain new features including:-

  • Adjustment of the Full Up position
  • Adjustment of the Full Down position
  • A Tipper Counter
  • Selection of the Mail Sweep Mode

The Tipper control sequence is as follows:-

The York Container is loaded into the York Container Tipper and the Guard Door closed There is a photo sensor inside the safety enclosure that senses that the York Container is loaded correctly before the container can be tipped The Control On button is pressed followed by the System Start button which would cause the York Container Tipper to lift and tip The tipping cycle is automated so that once the full up position is reached and all of the mail is tipped out, the York Container Tipper will return to the full down position to allow the empty York Container to be replaced The guard gate interlock switch is released via a ‘Guard Release’ push button which allows the safety guard door to be opened The empty York Container can then be removed and replaced with a full one and the whole cycle repeated

Performance Notes

The time to tip a York Container after it is loaded and the guard door is closed, is 36 seconds, from full down, to full up and back. This includes tipping the York Container to an angle of 170° (which is the optimum angle) and a 5 second dwell time at full up. This allows nearly 25 seconds for the empty York Container to be removed and replaced with a full one.

Description Royal Mail York Container Tipper
Model No. BTM/300/1000/B/G
Lifting Capacity 300 Kgs
Tipping Height 1000mm
Tipping Angle Optimum 170 Degrees
Machine Handing Left or Right Hand Available
Tipping Chute Yes, Fitted to Lift Frame
Base Arrangement Bolted To The Floor
Control Circuit 24Vac
Electrical Rating IP65
End of Travel Control Rotary Position Sensor
Over Travel Limits Proximity Sensors
Motor/Gearbox Detail 0.75kW, 415V, 3 PHASE, 50 CYCLE c/w BRAKE
Motor Brake 415V Separately Excited
Gearbox Detail SEW Eurodrive
Application Story

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