Base Handling Products Limited has developed a new mechanised Wheelie Bin Tipper that provides a safe, cost-effective alternative to manual handling of wheelie bins.

With many waste, handling and recycling operations being based on wheelie bins there is the increased risk of strain or injury that comes with repeated manual handling and previous mechanical tipping options have either been expensive or without appropriate guarding as standard.

The Wheelie Bin Tipper handles either 120 or 240 litre wheelie bins and is designed to lift and tip at an adjustable discharge height. There are three machines that cover a range of discharge heights from 1000mm to 2500mm in 100mm increments. The Tipper can be used to discharge into any required receptacle, including compactors, shredders, skips or a suitable waste vehicle.

The machine is a fabricated mild steel construction with an epoxy coated finish and has a Safe Working Load of 300 Kgs. The machine is designed to be bolted to the floor however; a mobile version is also available to allow the machine to be used at various locations. The lifting is achieved by two ½ " Simplex Delta Zed lifting chains driven by a motor gearbox mounted at the top of the machine.

A major advantage of the Wheelie Bin Tipper it that it is supplied as standard with a safety guard to protect both the operator and any other personnel in the area. The guard encloses the machine to a height of 2200mm on three sides and between 1000 and 1800mm at the front. The guard door is mechanically latched closed during the tipping cycle and the tipper controls are based a on a ‘hold to run’ principle’. The machine carries the appropriate CE Certification and documentation and is loaded tested to 125% of its SWL.

Andrew Pitt, Director of Base Handling, said; "With many thousands of wheelie bins in use, the danger of injury through manual handling is a very real risk. With our engineering background in optimum mechanised handling we have been able to develop a very cost-effective, efficient and safe alternative."

Base Handling Product Limited design, develop, manufacture and service a wide range of customised lifting, tipping, weighing and handling solutions from its 11,000 square foot facilities in Brynmawr, South Wales.

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