Base Handling Products Limited develop new lifter/tipper for ‘growth’ market in bean sprout production

Base Handling Products Limited, have designed and manufactured a new Lifter/Tipper developed specifically for handling very delicate foodstuffs such as bean sprouts.

The equipment was commissioned by Duerden Brothers Limited, one of the North West’s biggest growers of bean sprouts, watercress and cress. Base Handling Products say the new Lifter/Tipper is suitable for a range of similar applications. Replacing a previously manual operation the new Lifter/Tipper is a double pillar design which lifts a 600 litre container to a discharge height of 2900mm.

The double pillar lifter is constructed from food grade stainless steel and is fully TIG welded throughout. Lifting with the double pillar lifter is accomplished via chains driven by a motor gearbox mounted at the top of the one column with a crossover shaft to the other column.

At the heart of the new design is an inner frame, controlled by a stainless steel hydraulic cylinder, which damps the tipping operation during the final 50 degrees of movement to provide a very gentle operation and a full 180º tip. The 180º tip is essential to allow the bean sprouts to fall freely from the bin and the gentle tipping action prevents damage. The Lifter/Tipper then discharges into a vibrating feeder for ongoing processing including de-husking and packing.

Paul Duerden, Director of Duerden Brothers Limited, explains the advantages; “Prior to the Lifter/Tipper we had been shovelling bean sprouts manually with risk of damage and it was also very time and labour intensive.” “Not only is the new equipment gentle in operation, which is essential to prevent damage, but it has also been designed to be easy to clean down,” he added.

The UK market for bean sprouts is growing rapidly and Duerden Brothers produce around 3 tonnes per day. Over 50% of their output goes directly to Chinese wholesalers who have very exacting standards and supply Chinese restaurants as well as producers of spring rolls.

Commenting on the new development, Andrew Pitt, Director of Base Handling Products Limited, said “While we are used to developing products to handle relatively delicate foodstuffs including salads, the handling of bean sprouts required a different design with an even more gentle operation.”

Base Handling Product Limited design, develop, manufacture and service a wide range of customised lifting, tipping, weighing and handling solutions from its 11,000 square foot facilities in Brynmawr, South Wales.

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