Barry Callebaut Limited

They walked three miles and climbed over one hundred and fifty feet daily.

As a manufacturer of fine confectionery, most notably delicious chocolate chips for cookies, Paul Hoff of Barry Callebaut Limited had a problem...

He had two people working full time to collect re-work chocolate in large trays from a number of different locations throughout the factory. Each tray weighed twenty kilos.

These trays were carried, by hand, all the way back to the melting vessel. This vessel could only be accessed by climbing an eight-foot platform.

In all, these men walked a staggering two to three miles every day and climbed a total of over one hundred and fifty feet – while carrying their heavy loads.

Paul needed a better way.

He challenged Base Handling to eliminate the manual handling, by providing a lifting solution that could load the chocolate directly into the melting vessel.

Production time and product wastage were critical in Paul’s remit.

Having conducted numerous meetings and site surveys with Paul and the operatives, we produced a bespoke design solution. This was at absolutely no cost to Barry Callebaut Limited.

On time and within budget, our customised 200-litre tote bin hoist went into action. The savings for Paul Hoff were immediate.

“Straight away I had saved five man hours per day. The payback time on this project kicked in on day one. Overall Base Handling is a class A company. I would have no hesitation in recommending them”.

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