B A E Systems

A high risk potentially lethal application involving explosives.

Yet another example of our work is the equipment we designed, manufactured and installed for BAE Systems.

Their particular project was unusual. It was a high-risk potentially lethal application involving explosives.

As a result their governing body imposed particularly stringent guidelines on both the manufacture and installation of their mixing vessel lifters.

Because of this BAE were unable to locate a UK supplier. At considerable expense and inconvenience they were forced to source their mixing vessels abroad. A word of recommendation from one of our existing clients led them to call us.

BAE gave us the exact specifications of the mixing vessel lifters they had in one operation. We completed our own consultation process and assessed their specific application in detail. Once completed we provided BAE with our own set of designs free of charge.

As Colin Bastow said afterwards “Base didn’t just copy our existing mixing vessel lifters. They used their expertise and their experience in the field of lifting and tipping solutions to design a completely new piece of equipment.

“I was indeed impressed with Base Handling. Our previous machines looked almost inadequate once we had Base Handlings’ machine in operation. Not only that, but the ease with which they adapted to working under such rigorous legislative constraints was truly admirable”.

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